Computer Classes

Not sure how to maneuver through your computer?  We offer one-on-one classes at our shop and remotely.

Email Classes

Would you like to learn how to send and receive email?  How to set up an address book?  We offer one-on-one classes at our shop and remotely.

Social Media Classes

Want to stay in touch with your family more?  Learn how to use Social Media, send/receive pictures and never miss another moment!

Do you, or someone you know struggle with technology?

We understand it's frustrating learning new technology!

About our Senior Program

Megabite’s new service is a one-stop support program for Seniors and all their things digital including PCs, laptops, software, cameras, printers, network devices and a growing list of smartphones and handheld devices. These devices have been specifically chosen as they cause the most customer problems.

Deryck Burnett, the founder of Megabite , says: "We like to think, our computers and digital devices are 100% reliable and work together seamlessly. But, unfortunately, it's not always the case. When things stop working, most seniors struggle. So, we decided to focus our attention on seniors throughout the US to give them access to expert, independent and jargon-free technical help."  We take away consumers' tech-stress by making their computers and other digital devices work properly.

Practical Advice

Learn How to Protect yourself online

Scam Alert

What to do if a message appears on your computer to please call a number, your computer has been hacked. Read More

Back Up Your Data

The reason why you need to back up your data. Don't ignore the 3-2-1 Rule.  Read More

How To Avoid Online Scams

How to protect yourself against online scams and identity theft schemes.  To help you remember we have come up with an acronym - KEEP THEM OUT!  Read More

Ten Online Security Mistakes Seniors Make

Keep yourself safe online! Learn How to protect yourself and your information.  Read More

How to Properly Clean Your Electronic Devices

Clean your electronic devices and keep them running smoothly for years. Read More

Why You Should Use A Password Manager
Not only does a password manager help you remember your passwords, but it also helps keep cybercriminals at bay. Read More